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Los Angeles has been a pioneer in Internet radio, starting from the on-air demise of KNAC (the heavy metal station which preceded The Wave). Several Los Angeles stations now live on the Internet, and many live radio stations simulcast their programming. Some, such as KCRW, even have parallel specialized programming running on the web in addition to their live simulcast.

The following is a listing of known LA web radio stations, along with links to the streams where possible. Note that the specific stream links are somewhat subject to change, if these links don't work, go to the site itself for the latest link.

Web-only stations

While the LA radio business is often too brutal for cool formats to survive, many of these doomed stations have found new life on the internet. "The Loudest Dot-Com on the Planet" This heavy metal station met its demise on the LA airwaves, but was one of the first Internet radio stations to go live on the I-waves back in 1998. Now, they are pretty much the only metal station in LA. Low-quality streams are available for free, higher quality streams and video by subscription only. Windows Media or Real Audio. This station rose from the ashes of LA's MARS-FM, the techno/dance station programmed by DJ Swedish Egil. Swedish Egil still hosts the Groove Radio International show, and lots of guest DJs spin their favorite electronica. Windows Media or Streaming MP3. College Radio, without the airwaves. Windows Media or QuickTime. Local eclectic station run by members of the local Burning Man community. Streaming MP3 .

Side-Channel streams

The internet makes it possible for stations to offer customized streams that aren't simply a simulcast of their on-air broadcast. KCRW-FM's 24/7 stream of music programming. Available via Real Audio, Windows Media or as a streaming MP3. Streams of NPR, PRI, BBC, and VOA. Available as an MP3 Stream or in Real Audio.


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