KLOS-FM 95.5

"Southern California's Best Rock"

Location: Los Angeles
Owner: ABC Inc./Disney

Format: Album Oriented rock

KLOS has taken up the Classic Rock mantle for Los Angeles; sometimes it seems like they are rebroadcasting their programming from 1978-79, though they do play newer music as well. If your favorite music was made in the 70s, and you missed the boat on punk, new wave and the '80s, you'll be in hog heaven. If you didn't, you'll still find this mix of music from that era to be emminently listenable, and they don't seem to make jocks like Beau Rials and Jim Ladd any more, with those warm deep '70s AOR voices. I'll gladly listen to Stairway to Heaven for the 100,000th time if it keeps these guys working on the radio.(MM)

Phone Number(s): 310-840-4800; fax: 310-840-4846


Syndicated Programs: Rockline


Last Modified: 17 Jan 99

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