KHHT-FM 92.3

"Hot 92 Jamz"

Location: Los Angeles
Owner: Clear Channel Communications

Format: Contemporary and Oldies R&B

FM Stereo

Hot 92's "Urban Oldies" format, is a potpourri of R&B classics, Soul, Disco, Motown classics, and dance music, a veritable history of R&B and soul up to the late '70s, and contemporary R&B sidestepping rap.

These songs are familiar friends, comfort food for the ears, positive and uplifting -- probably the highest proportion of love songs in LA -- and definitely grabbing a large and diverse female listenership of all ages and races. The kind of great programming format you'd expect to originate in a city like Los Angeles.(MM)

Phone Number(s): 213-634-1800; fax: 213-634-1888


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