KROQ-FM 106.7

"World Famous KROQ"

Location: Burbank
Owner: Infinity Broadcasting

Format: Album Adult Alternative

Though its sound has changed over the years and been co-opted by other stations (the '80s flashbacks so common on the dial these days are lifted straight from KROQ's playlists), KROQ has long been the vanguard of "Alternative" Rock in Los Angeles, and indeed a pacesetter for the country.

Check out Rodney on the Roq, the legendary "Mayor of Sunset Strip's" long-running show featuring old favorites and new discoveries. Rodney Bingenheimer's past discoveries include Duran Duran, and many others. His show now is relegated to late night Sundays (Midnight to 3am), but still features a lot of the music he's championed all along. KROQ is also the home base of the syndicated Loveline show, with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla, and was one of the first stations to give Jimmy Kimmel a break.

While the station features lots of samples of the music they are playing on their site, they currently have no live stream.

Phone Number(s): 818-567-1067; fax: 818-841-5903


Syndicated Programs: Loveline


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