KBIG-FM 104.3

"KBIG 104"

Location: Burbank
Owner: Clear Channel Communications

Format: Adult Contemporary and Dance Music

Seems that KBIG has changed it's daytime format to a less sappy brand of Adult Contemporary music. Basically, that translates to less Celine Dion and more Nathalie Merchant. During work hours, there is less of an emphasis on love songs in favor of upbeat contemporary groups like Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls, and Blues Traveller. At times, the station sounds like STAR 98.7-FM or the former Channel 103.1-FM. This new mix of tunes has left the station more popular than ever.

KBIG has also adopted Disco in a big way, broadcasting a Noontime Disco Workout on weekends, and "Boogie Nights" each weeknight from 7-11.

Charlie Tuna is now the morning man here. Saturday Nights, it's Disco from 6pm to 3am. Late nights feature "Thump Radio," a mix of electronica and remixed classic rock.

Like most Clear Channel stations in LA, they have a live stream, and also have a studio webcam on their site. The site also includes a very useful real-time 'Now Playing' feature.

Phone Number(s): Request Line:1-800-KBIG-104; Business Line: 818-559-2252; fax: 818-729-2675


Syndicated Programs: Thump Radio


Last Modified: 09 Oct 2004

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