"Talkradio 790"

Location: Los Angeles
Owner: ABC Inc./Disney

Format: Issues/Talk

FM Stereo

KABC is now fighting the talk radio wars with a combative cast of characters, including conservative Dennis Prager, Bill O'Reilly, libertarian Larry Elder, and Sean Hannity. Weekend shows include Tammy Bruce, Chef Talk with Jamie Gwen, The Satellite Sisters, Money Talk, and Peter Greenberg's Travel Show.

Phone Number(s): Talk Line: 800/222-KABC, Info Line: (310) 839-INFO,
Program Information: (310) 840-4914

Simulcasts: Larry Elder conducts daily Soundwaves Simulcast with KCAL9's Kerry Kilbride @ 3:45p

Syndicated Programs: Dennis Prager,Paul Harvey, Larry Elder


Last Modified: 7 Oct 04

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