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LA Radio Sites

Radio Digest This site's Los Angeles page is recently re-designed, and includes columns from local radio writer Tom Looney.

Wagnet Richard Wagoner, columnist for the Daily Breeze in Torrance, archives his weekly radio column here.

LA Downtown News Tom Looney also has a column at this site.

Los Angeles Radio People Don Barrett's site of news and behind the scenes gossip. Updated daily, and indispensible. While you're at it, check out Don's book, which profiles literally thousands of former and current LA radio people. has their master list of radio sites pertaining to LA radio, including these and more, and continually changing, though they do have a fair share of broken links. Traffic reporter Chuck Rowe's site about Los Angeles radio. Well-designed and informative when updated.

L.A Radio, Newspapers, Media Homebrew site featuring LA media, with an emphasis on cooking and computer shows. Pretty good set of links.

Syndicated Shows

Art Bell Late Night talk show investigating conspiracies and the paranormal.

Dr. Demento Besides his popular syndicated show of comedy and novelty music, the Dr. boasts probably the biggest private record collection in the world.

Dr. Laura Schlessinger Controversial conservative advice host and author.

Tom Leykis Official Website for the Tom Leykis Show on KLSX-FM. Chockful of adult humor, with much Shockwave and RealAudio action, as well as numerous photos from Leykis' "signings."

Financial Wisdom Gabriel Wisdom's investment show.

Local Shows

The Car Nut Steve Parker's site for his radio, TV, and newspaper features.

Music Formats

Groove 103.1 Memories Board: This is a discussion board inhabited by fans lamenting the loss of the Groove Radio format.

Groove Radio International Former Groove Radio/MARS-FM Music Director Swedish Egil's site for dance music fans.

Christian Pirate Radio Web page for this contemporay Christian Music format, now playing across the US.

Darnell's Black Radio Guide Listing of over 650 worldwide black radio stations.

YellowRoom.Com The home-in-exile for KCSA-FM during its absence, and a guide to other Adult Album Alternative stations.

Networks and Syndicates

Premiere Radio Network Syndicator of Dr. Laura, Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Dean Edell, Art Bell and others.

National Public Radio Publically-funded radio network for stations such as KPCC, KCRW, and other member-supported stations across the country. Lots of information about their shows such as All things Considered, Fresh Air, etc.

Publc Radio International This syndicate supplies other popular public radio programs, such as This American Life, Marketplace, and the BBC co-production The World.

Jacor Broadcasting Owner of many Los Angeles stations, including KIIS-FM and KACD/KBCD. Big broadcasting corporation.


MIT Radio Station Locator This site contains a locator for finding all the radio stations in a geographical area, and can locate statio websites (though it isn't necessarily completely up-to-date).

Radio and Records Online Web version of radio trade paper.

Museum of Television and Radio Founded by William S. Paley, and situated both in New York and Los Angeles, this museum is host for many LA and New York radio events and broadcasts.

The Mining Co.'s Radio Site An extensive set of links, articles, discussions and more.


LA Radio Talent

Virtual Radio Services Current home of Nicole Sandler, onetime Program Director for, and Channel103.1. Firm offering custom services for radio stations and web sites alike.

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