FM Stations Listed By Frequency

Stations with official web sites and audio streams are indicated below.

Stations marked as IE, OC, or AV are based in the Inland Empire, Orange County, or Antelope Valley, respectively.

 88.1  KKJZ-FM [Site] [Stream] Traditional Jazz and Blues
 88.3-IE  KUCR-FM [Site] [Stream] Eclectic music
 88.5  KCSN-FM [Site] [Stream] Classical Music, Eclectic World of Music on weekends, BBC World Service and Local News
 88.5-OC  KSBR-FM [Site] [Stream] Contemporary Jazz
 88.7  KSPC-FM [Site] [Stream] College Radio
 88.9  KXLU-FM [Site] [Stream] College Radio
 89.1  KUOR-FM [Site]  Jazz (simulcast of KKJZ-FM)
 89.3  KPCC-FM [Site] [Stream] News/talk/NPR/PRI
 89.7-IE  KSGN-FM [Site] [Stream] Contemporary Christian Music and Talk
 89.9  KCRW-FM [Site] [Stream] Eclectic Non-commercial/NPR
 90.7  KPFK-FM [Site] [Stream] Informational Radio/Public Radio
 91.5  KUSC-FM [Site] [Stream] Classical, public radio.
 91.9  KVCR-FM [Site]  Classical, NPR news
 92.3  KHHT-FM [Site] [Stream] Contemporary and Oldies R&B
 92.7  KLIT-FM [Site]  Soft Adult Contemporary
 93.1  KCBS-FM [Site]  Classic Rock
 93.9  KXOS-FM [Site]  Spanish language contemporary
 94.3  KBUA-FM [Site]  Spanish Language
 94.7  KTWV-FM [Site]  New Adult Contemporary/Smooth Jazz
 95.5  KLOS-FM [Site]  Album Oriented rock
 95.9  KFSH-FM [Site] [Stream] Contemporary Christian
 96.3  KXOL-FM [Site]  Spanish Adult Contemporary
 96.7-OC  KWIZ-FM [Site]  Spanish Hits
 97.1  KLSX-FM [Site]  Entertainment/Talk
 97.5  KLYY-FM [Site]  Mexican Contemporary Music (Cumbia)
 97.9  KLAX-FM [Site]  Regional Mexican/Spanish Language
 98.3  KRCV-FM [Site]  Spanish Oldies
 98.7  KYSR-FM [Site] [Stream] Hot Adult Contemporary
 99.1-IE  KGGI-FM [Site]  Urban Contemporary/R&B
 99.5  KKLA-FM [Site] [Stream] Christian Talk/Christian Alternative Music
 100.3  KKBT-FM [Site]  Urban Contemporary
 101.1  KRTH-FM [Site]  Oldies
 101.9  KSCA-FM [Site]  Spanish Language
 102.3  KJLH-FM [Site] [Stream] Urban Contemporary
 102.7  KIIS-FM [Site] [Stream] Contemporary Hit Radio
 103.1  KDLD-FM [Site] [Stream] Alternative Rock
 103.1-OC  KDLE-FM [Site] [Stream] Alternative Rock
 103.5  KOST-FM [Site] [Stream] Adult Contemporary
 103.9  KRCD-FM [Site]  Spanish Oldies
 104.3  KBIG-FM [Site] [Stream] Adult Contemporary and Dance Music
 105.1  KKGO-FM [Site]  Country
 105.5  KBUE-FM [Site]  Spanish Language
 105.9  KPWR-FM [Site]  Hip Hop and R&B
 106.3  KALI-FM [Site]  Multiethnic programming
 106.3AV  KGMX-FM [Site]  Adult Contemporary (Antelope Valley)
 106.7  KROQ-FM [Site]  Album Adult Alternative
 107.1  KSSE-FM [Site]  Spanish Contemporary Hit Radio
 107.5  KLVE-FM [Site]  Adult Contemp/AC; Spanish Language; International Ballad
 107.9  KWVE-FM [Site] [Stream] Religious

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