AM Stations Listed By Frequency

Stations with official web sites and Web audio streams are indicatted below.

 570  KLAC-AM [Site] [Stream] Adult Standards
 610  KAVL-AM [Site]  Fox Sports
 640  KFI-AM [Site] [Stream] Talk/Personality
 670  KIRN-AM [Site] [Stream] Farsi Language Programming
 710  KSPN-AM [Site]  ESPN Sports
 740  KBRT-AM [Site]  Christian Talk/Personality
 790  KABC-AM [Site] [Stream] Issues/Talk
 830  KMXE-AM [Site]  Hispanic talk/news
 870  KRLA-AM [Site] [Stream] News Talk
 900  KALI-AM Multiethnic Programming.
 930  KHJ-AM [Site]  Spanish Language/Ranchera Music
 980  KFWB-AM [Site]  News, Traffic, and Dodgers Baseball
 1020  KTNQ-AM [Site]  Spanish Language Talk/Sports
 1070  KNX-AM [Site]  Newsradio
 1110  KDIS-AM [Site]  Children's Programming
 1150  KXTA-AM [Site] [Stream] Sports/Talk
 1190  KXMX-AM [Site]  Foreign Language Talk
 1220  KWKU-AM Spanish Sports Programming
 1230  KYPA-AM [Site]  Korean
 1260  KSUR-AM [Site]  Adult Pop Standards
 1300  KAZN-AM [Site]  Ethnic, Asian (Mandarin Chinese Programming)
 1330  KWKW-AM [Site]  Spanish language Sports/Talk
 1380  KJWL-AM [Site]  Adult Standards
 1390  KLTX-AM Spanish Religious
 1430  KMRB-AM [Site]  Cantonese and Mandarin Chinese programming
 1460  KTYM-AM [Site]  Urban Gospel/ Ethnic
 1480  KVNR-AM [Site] [Stream] Vietnamese Programming
 1540  KMPC-AM [Site] [Stream] Sports Talk
 1580  KBLA-AM [Site]  Ethnic/Korean
 1600  KMNY-AM [Site]  Business/Financial/Chinese
 1650  KFOX-AM Korean Language programming

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