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6 December 2004
Not-So-Silent Night
KSYR-FM (98.71)

Star 98 holds its 5th annual Not So Silent Night on December 6th at the Arrowhead Pond. Performers include Duran Duran, Los Lonely Boys, Alanis Morrisette, and John Mayer. Tickets go on sale Saturday Nov 8th.

15 December 2004
Holiday Cooldown

KKBT-FM (100.3)

KKBT-FM (100.3) also puts tickets on sale Saturday Nov. 8th for the Holiday Cooldoon at the Universal Amplitheatre on Dec 15th.

Almost Accoustic Christmes
KROQ-FM (106.7)

No announcements have been made yet regarding KROQ's Almost Accoustic Christmas for this year; ticket info is due to be announced Nov 17th to members of their online Street Team club.





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