FM Stations Listed By Call Letters

OC: Orange County, IE: Inland Empire, AV: Antelope Valley

Stations with official web sites and audio streams are indicated below.

 KALI-FM  106.3 [Site]  Multiethnic programming
 KBIG-FM  104.3 [Site] [Stream] Adult Contemporary and Dance Music
 KBUA-FM  94.3 [Site]  Spanish Language
 KBUE-FM  105.5 [Site]  Spanish Language
 KCBS-FM  93.1 [Site]  Classic Rock
 KCRW-FM  89.9 [Site] [Stream] Eclectic Non-commercial/NPR
 KCSN-FM  88.5 [Site] [Stream] Classical Music, Eclectic World of Music on weekends, BBC World Service and Local News
 KDLD-FM  103.1 [Site] [Stream] Alternative Rock
 KDLE-FM  103.1-OC [Site] [Stream] Alternative Rock
 KFSH-FM  95.9 [Site] [Stream] Contemporary Christian
 KGGI-FM  99.1-IE [Site]  Urban Contemporary/R&B
 KGMX-FM  106.3AV [Site]  Adult Contemporary (Antelope Valley)
 KHHT-FM  92.3 [Site] [Stream] Contemporary and Oldies R&B
 KIIS-FM  102.7 [Site] [Stream] Contemporary Hit Radio
 KJLH-FM  102.3 [Site] [Stream] Urban Contemporary
 KKBT-FM  100.3 [Site]  Urban Contemporary
 KKGO-FM  105.1 [Site]  Country
 KKJZ-FM  88.1 [Site] [Stream] Traditional Jazz and Blues
 KKLA-FM  99.5 [Site] [Stream] Christian Talk/Christian Alternative Music
 KLAX-FM  97.9 [Site]  Regional Mexican/Spanish Language
 KLIT-FM  92.7 [Site]  Soft Adult Contemporary
 KLOS-FM  95.5 [Site]  Album Oriented rock
 KLSX-FM  97.1 [Site]  Entertainment/Talk
 KLVE-FM  107.5 [Site]  Adult Contemp/AC; Spanish Language; International Ballad
 KLYY-FM  97.5 [Site]  Mexican Contemporary Music (Cumbia)
 KOST-FM  103.5 [Site] [Stream] Adult Contemporary
 KPCC-FM  89.3 [Site] [Stream] News/talk/NPR/PRI
 KPFK-FM  90.7 [Site] [Stream] Informational Radio/Public Radio
 KPWR-FM  105.9 [Site]  Hip Hop and R&B
 KRCD-FM  103.9 [Site]  Spanish Oldies
 KRCV-FM  98.3 [Site]  Spanish Oldies
 KROQ-FM  106.7 [Site]  Album Adult Alternative
 KRTH-FM  101.1 [Site]  Oldies
 KSBR-FM  88.5-OC [Site] [Stream] Contemporary Jazz
 KSCA-FM  101.9 [Site]  Spanish Language
 KSGN-FM  89.7-IE [Site] [Stream] Contemporary Christian Music and Talk
 KSPC-FM  88.7 [Site] [Stream] College Radio
 KSSE-FM  107.1 [Site]  Spanish Contemporary Hit Radio
 KTWV-FM  94.7 [Site]  New Adult Contemporary/Smooth Jazz
 KUCR-FM  88.3-IE [Site] [Stream] Eclectic music
 KUOR-FM  89.1 [Site]  Jazz (simulcast of KKJZ-FM)
 KUSC-FM  91.5 [Site] [Stream] Classical, public radio.
 KVCR-FM  91.9 [Site]  Classical, NPR news
 KWIZ-FM  96.7-OC [Site]  Spanish Hits
 KWVE-FM  107.9 [Site] [Stream] Religious
 KXLU-FM  88.9 [Site] [Stream] College Radio
 KXOL-FM  96.3 [Site]  Spanish Adult Contemporary
 KYSR-FM  98.7 [Site] [Stream] Hot Adult Contemporary
 KZLA-FM  93.9 [Site]  Country

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