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About This Site

Radiowatch LA has been on the web continuously since 1998. Our mission, staffed by volunteers, has been to catalog the numerous radio stations in Los Angeles, and to provide programming highlights and radio news. Our success in this area has been sporadic, with periods of both frequent and glacial updates.

The original design of the site was state of the art in 1998, authored with Adobe PageMill. Our redesign during September-October 2004 is intended to produce a browser-independent version of the site with updated content. If the site continues to grow in traffic, we'll be adding more community features, adding a publishing back end for events and program listings, and publishing feature stories again.

Interns Wanted

Help us build LA's most comprehensive site of radio station and event listings. Current positions are unpaid, but this is a great opportunity for broadcasting students to increase their knowledge of Los Angeles radio, and their visibility amongst LA's 80+ radio stations. If you are a journalism student, or an aspiring Webmaster, this is also a great chance to show Los Angeles' online community what you can do.

Event Wranglers:
Help us continue to deliver our weekly and long-term program and event listenings by cultivating and documenting contacts at the stations, find links to station event pages, setting up e-mail, web or fax contacts where possible.

Data wranglers:
Help us keep our database of station information up-to-date and complete by calling local stations and verifying our information.

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